Bioremediation and Biodegradation

The process of treating the contaminated media such as water, soil by altering the other environmental conditions to degrade the pollutants with the help of microorganisms is called Bio remediation. This biological approach is less expensive and more sustainable than any other microbial method of treating the pollutants such as wastewater, solid and industrial waste. The process generally involves the methodology of oxidation-reduction reaction that adds a process of electron acceptor to stimulate the oxidation of the reduced pollutant. This is used to mineralize the organic pollutants or to partially transform or alter their ability.
The process of breaking down the organic matter by microorganism is known as
Bio degradation. As this involves three stages such as bio deterioration, bio fragmentation, and assimilation. This occurs under a certain circumstance, as now biodegradable technology has become more developed with application in the bio products.

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